IT Transformation

 IT transformation is a complete reassessment or redefinition and overhaul of an organization’s information technology (IT) systems in order to improve the efficiency and delivery in a digital economy.

IT transformation forms the foundation of an organization’s larger digital transformation strategy and is led by business leaders i.e. CIO.

It can involve changes and modernization of network architecture, infrastructure, hardware, software, IT service management and how data is stored and accessed.

Why IT Transformation

Organizations must take steps to keep pace with & in line with an increasingly digital and competitive market by not only optimizing existing systems, but also creating and acquiring new applications and services that generate deeper insights into their business, industry, customers and ultimately add a value.

Most of the times, IT transformation aims to change the IT department from being a reactive to be a proactive and, inflexible organization to flexible part of the business that can respond quickly to digital business requirements and make more informed decisions.

The goal of these efforts is to re-imagine IT development, delivery, and operating models, and to enhance IT’s ability to collaborate effectively within the enterprise and beyond its traditional boundaries and add value.

Expected benefits from IT Transformation

Successful IT transformation builds a solid foundational infrastructure (Hardware & Software with service part) on which to deliver automated services, cloud computing, and new operating models. It also automates the deployment of IT services and reduces risk during deployments. IT transformation clears the path to deliver IT as a service that is more cost-effective, agile and helps faster innovation.

By optimizing traditional IT cost models, organizations free up IT budget from operational expenses to digital transformation. IT transformation also ensures better business-IT alignment.

Why CyberMeru

We have IT transformation experience that helps organizations find value—most organizations can expect reductions of 20 percent to 40 percent of their overall IT costs.

Our Offerings include:

  • We assist organizations to increase IT agility and flexibility, the faster turnaround time for new products and services and improved clarity around IT roles and expectations.
  • IT transformation, yesterday, today and tomorrow: We guide organizations to make business choices that focus on IT spending on specific, measurable business results and create value.

Our IT Transformation Services include:

  • IT operating model
  • IT governance and management
  • IT service delivery excellence
  • IT solution delivery excellence
  • IT workforce transformation

Ready for Transformation?

IT Optimization

All organizations are unique, but one thing all have in common is the desire to maximize productivity and profitability. We can help you with optimizing your IT operations. Not only does this allow you to increase the value of your IT investment but allows your employees to work more effectively and efficiently.

When IT underperforms, it hurts business performance and hinders innovation. Such an IT department limits a company’s ability to adapt to changing market demands, increases the time it takes to release new products and services and damages customer satisfaction.

CyberMeru’s IT Optimization services help organizations reduce CapEx and OpEx by eliminating unnecessary costs on infrastructure/application-licensing and other overheads. We work with our clients to assess opportunities to improve IT performance, identifying the resources and capabilities necessary to ensure lasting results.

How do we execute optimization projects?

  • Work closely with top leadership to understand the expectations and business IT strategy/future IT roadmap.
  • Detail study of the IT landscape (Infrastructure, Applications, Governance, Processes, Resources, etc.)
  • Submit the first high-level proposal on what level of optimization can be achieved and how much overall cost saving it can give.
  • Get buy-in from top leadership to move forward with detail analysis.
  • CyberMeru can submit the detail report and action plan for organizations to take the execution ahead, or CyberMeru can be given the responsibility to drive the execution as well.
  • CyberMeru works on ‘Fix Consulting Fee + Sharing of cost savings’ model which is a win-win scenario.

Ready to reduce your IT costs by 20 to 40%?