Custom software development for your business is a big decision as it will integrate most major aspects of a company’s functioning and play an integral part in the company’s operation and success. 

CyberMeru will help you develop a custom software that will provide an ROI 
risk reduction through a structured, scalable and comprehensive solution.

Custom ERP Solution

ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a software which integrates all the key functions (Purchase, Manufacturing, Sales, HR, Finance etc.) in your business and helps management at all levels to keep effective control on the operations and take important business decisions based on the holistic view of analytics and MIS reports. Instead of developing stand-alone systems for each department, it is always better to have one integrated system.
 Main reason behind the decision of developing custom ERP is that businesses have their own way of functioning. They have their own processes which they have developed and tweaked according to their convenience and comfort and they don’t want to adjust/change these processes as per the standard ERP system available in the market. They strongly feel that the software systems are built for businesses and not vice-versa!
We value this opinion and have designed our development process such that we take inputs from customers in each phase of the ERP development. All the key stakeholders are involved in the requirement gathering phase so that the custom ERP is designed and developed according to their preferences (Because we know that many of the ERP implementations done by the big IT vendors have failed due to poor acceptance levels from the stakeholders and users of the system).
Benefits of Custom ERP over Standard ERP system
  • One-time development cost (against the annual licensing cost of standard ERPs)
  • Software built to have combination of best industry practices and your own custom processes.
  • No need to pay for features (which standard ERPs offer) which you don’t need
  • Modifications possible as and when required
  • Easy integrations possible with your other special purpose software (if any)
  • Your internal IT team can build capabilities to update/extend the ERP system functionality which will reduce your ERP maintenance/upgrade cost in future

Custom Web App

Web applications are increasingly getting popular because of the development of internet technology and faster speed of network. Users can access the system from any location and from any device on which internet is available.

Our custom web applications are developed with high levels of usability, scalability and compatibility, making user experience across the different
browsers and devices consistent.

We are a prominent custom web application development company that caters to diverse industries and the vast number of business needs. Web application has become a necessity in this digitally driven business world and businesses should adapt to the evolving technology needs and be scalable and flexible to ride high in the future.

Why CyberMeru

We use the advanced web applications development tools and programming languages to keep you ahead in your respective businesses.
Our cost-effective services are suitable for small and medium businesses. We have skilled consultants to plan your web app development with customized solutions.
Our cost-effective services are suitable for small and medium businesses. We have skilled consultants to plan your web app development with customized solutions.
We give utmost importance to delivering projects withing agreed timelines. It adds reliability to our services.
We understand your security concerns and hence appropriate security measures are implemented so that the confidential data of your visitors remains safe, secure and free of intrusion.

Custom Mobile App

Today, all types of businesses, whether it is a local retail store, a small/medium sized organization, or a blue chip multinational corporation, are leveraging the huge potential of custom mobile apps to significantly streamline their business operations, increase employees’ productivity, and improve their relationship with customer.

Mobile apps not only help business owners transform their unique app ideas into reality, but also help them deliver a personalized user experience.
CyberMeru offers end-to-end custom mobile application development services to help you stay on top of the latest mobile trends and keep your business in the hearts and pockets of your customers. Our outstanding team of highly skilled app developers will help you create next-gen mobile apps for your business.

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