Academic Trainings

Employability Training

Our aim is to give students best in-class training that is recognised worldwide and helps them to acquire job-related skills and knowledge, increasing their chances of employment.

The training is provided by industry professionals holding extensive training experience. Course training is accompanied by mock project experiences that prepares the candidate ready to be absorbed in the industry, making them productive from day one. This methodology helps the candidates enormously to adapt themselves quickly in their new jobs.

Why Choose CyberMeru

Training Methodology – We take pride in our Industry-centric teaching methodology and give special emphasis on the practical implementation of the concepts.

Student Support – Our trainers are always available and willing to assist students in upgrading their knowledge via several methods like chat, email, telephone calls, and walk-in appointments. CyberMeru offers students weekly online classes moderated by our skilled and seasoned trainers.

Job Placement Assistance – CyberMeru takes up the responsibility of placement assistance. It helps the students to prepare for the interviews, assisting them to be placed with attractive packages in companies all over India.

Mock Interviews- The old saying is indeed true. Practice makes man perfect and it holds true in case of Job interviews as well.  A mock interview is a replica of a job interview used for training purposes. The conversational exercise resembles a real interview as closely as possible. Its main purpose is to provide experience to the student about the questions they are going to face, articulating their thoughts and boosting their confidence during the actual interview. 

Trainings for Corporate/ Professionals

What is corporate Training? 

This training is meant for improving the employees’ performance, skills, productivity by focusing on the professional development. 

Many organizations are implementing different corporate training program to address current or future needs to promote new practices, standards and to add new skillsets in portfolio.

Why do we need Corporate/Professionals Training?

Organizations today suffer from a skills gap and its availability. Study says that it takes years to become seasoned professional and to be productive. 

This means companies must train, retrain, and jointly educate employees and managers in order to grow and fill the skill gap.

How can these trainings help organizations / individual employees?

Classroom training is one of the ways to meet the skills gap. The best training programs provide multiple ways of training so that people can consume training by formal and informal method. 

Required skill is always a challenge to the companies, maintaining emerging skill is beneficial for everyone i.e.  employees, businesses and new hires.

Organizations always want their employees to be in sync with their mission, values and vision. Updating employees’ current skills and preparing them for future ready technologies is a main aim of every organization. It also generates higher employee satisfaction along with retention.

A certification distinguishes an employee from their colleagues and help them into career development paths, promotions, or assignments on special high-profile projects.

These are the ways you can opt for the training

Training On Demand

Take a full course in a recorded streaming format.

Classroom Training

Train-in person at CyberMeru's or Customer's facility.

Live Virtual Class

Attend a live class over the